Actionable Analytics – Part 2

It’s time to make your website analytics actionable!  From my last post, Actionable Analytics – Part 1, you should have:

  • Google Analytics installed on your website
  • Created a goal for  Engagement
  • Created a goal for Conversion

If you don’t know what I mean please visit Actionable Analytics – Part 1 to catch up.

The key to knowing what components of your website are producing for you is to look at visits on your website that reach the goals you’ve set.  This is done by creating an Advanced Segment in Google Analytics (GA for brevity) which, when selected, will filter out all the traffic that does NOT reach your goals.

Step 1: Login to your GA account, click “Advanced Segments”, and “New Custom Segment”.  It should resemble:


Clicking “New Custom Segment” leads you to:


Where you will select a previously created goal in the drop down selector right after “Include” and set the threshold — I like “Greater than 0″.  By setting your advanced segment to show visits and visit data where a goal is >0 will show you visits which reached the goal.  Once you “Save Segment” you’ll be able to select this segment of your traffic when viewing your analytics.  Then everything you see, so long as your segment is selected,  will be activity which occurred during visits which reached your goals!

This is BIG.  You can now locate the Top Geographies, Top Content, Top Referrers, Top Keywords, and any other Top “Dimensions” or “Metrics” you care to consider!  Now go look over your data with a new focus: Find out what’s working and DO MORE OF IT!

To make this process easier to follow this post needs either 1) a lot more pictures or 2) a video.  I’ll get right on that.

Look for Actionable Analytics – Part 3 to contain a video overview of this process.